Using a low offer to a seller’s advantage

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    Making a low offer can help the seller ratify a better offer

    If you are a buyer who likes to make low offers all the time be aware of what you are doing. As a listing agent a low-ball offer is never a bad thing. It helps me determine my sellers’ true level of motivation. It also gives me an opportunity to shop for a better offer. I can see smoke coming from buyer agent’s ears everywhere. “How dare you shop my offer?” Hey, I’m the listing agent representing the interest of my client the seller. With my client’s permission I can – and should – look for other offers. I’m not going to disclose the price of an offer I have, but just the mere thought that I have an offer on a property usually will motivate someone to make a better offer. So bring on the low offer. It won’t make me mad. My sellers won’t be offended. But don’t be surprised if you lose out to another offer – even if the home has been on them market for some time.

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    Gary Duda

    Gary Duda is the Broker and Owner of REMAX Action Real Estate and founder of the Gary Duda Real Estate Skills Workshop. Thousands of Virginia Realtors have benefit from Gary's teaching on topics from real estate technology, working with buyers, working with sellers, to classes to obtain their continuing education credits.

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